Monday, 6 January 2020


It’s impossible to watch Fatih Akin’s THE GOLDEN GLOVE without comparing it to HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER. It’s a true crime biopic that forces you to watch, in unflinching detail, the life of a serial murderer. Both films immerse you in their respective subject’s worlds so intimately, that the grime and filth of their existence and surroundings seems to ooze off the screen and seep into you.

Here’s the thing though. For all of HENRY’s infamy, THE GOLDEN GLOVE actually outdoes it. Akin’s film has higher production values (but not so high as to detract from the sleazy atmosphere), is more realistic, hews closer to the facts, and is just plain nastier.

It’s a very well made film, the kind that will have as much appeal for the arthouse crowd (those who have the stomach for it anyway) as for horror fans. It comes highly recommended, but make no mistake, it is an endurance test.

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