Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Argento At The Chauvel

Horror fans living in the Sydney area are in for a rare treat next month as the always genre-friendly Chauvel Cinema is hosting a season of double-bills comprised of Dario Argento's entire output from '75 to '85 (minus Inferno), each one followed by a choice pick from Romero, Hooper or Craven.

The season runs over four Fridays (February 26th to March 19th) and opens with a crushing double: Suspiria and Dawn Of The Dead. I saw a print of Dawn at the old Third Eye in Surry Hills years ago, but two of the reels were so damaged as to make it almost unwatchable (I still had a blast). A good print of Dawn would be great, but not as brain-meltingly awesome as seeing a decent print of Suspiria in a cinema. The other Argento movies are Tenebrae, Deep Red and Phenomena and I'm frothing at the mouth for all three. Sharing these doubles with the Italian maestro are Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre & Eaten Alive and Wes Craven's Last House On The Left. I can take or leave the Hooper flicks (having already seen a screening of Texas Chainsaw and not being overly fond of Eaten Alive), but it might be fun seeing a crowd squirm uncomfortably at the sleazy nihilism of Krug and company.

As ever, the big question is: ARE THEY UNCUT? I'll be finding out at the Chauvel, over four consecutive Fridays of mysterious killers, arcane witchcraft, flesh-eating corpses, inbred mayhem and bloody vengeance!

The Chauvel is the last vestige of real independent cinema left in Sydney (a disgraceful situation for a city of five million), and when they run programs like this it drives home the importance of supporting it, lest the Chauvel disappear along with the Valhalla and Third Eye. Details for all the screenings can be found at the cinema's website here.


  1. Holy crap! That is one hell of a line up. I would definitely go for the Argento films, if I didn't live on the other side of the planet.

    Really nice blog.

  2. Thanks Ido, much appreciated. And yeah, I'm looking forward to this a lot. I hope the theatre really cranks the sound so the Goblin is LOUD!

  3. went to this last friday!
    i did a review of Suspiria and DOTD over at my blog.
    *sigh* if it wasn't for the Chauvel I would never had the chance to see these films. If it closes down like the other arthouse theatres in Sydney, I would probably die, no kidding.

  4. Palace Cinemas has been financing it since last year, so it should stay open. Suspiria looked and sounded amazing last week, looking forward to Tenebrae and T.C.M. this Friday

  5. That's a relief to know. I love the Palace cinemas too. How was Tenebre and Texas Chainsaw? It was unfortunate I couldn't go last friday, but will try to see The Last House on the Left next week. Should be awesome.