Thursday, 5 September 2013


Just saw this at Twitch and had to share. A couple of trailers for an upcoming short called Leviathan Ages, directed by one Jon Yeo, featuring surrealist imagery that's both startling and trippy. I'm kind of taken aback, because the weird, floating geometric/machine things remind me of some vivid nightmares that I had some years ago. 

As someone who's always defending practical effects and bemoaning the overuse of CGI, I see stuff like this and realise that CG really is an amazing tool in the right hands (see also Neill Blomkamp). This isn't the most photo-realistic animation, but it is very cool!

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  1. I'm a huge proponent of practical FX too. It's a shame so many filmmakers these days would rather use cheap crappy CGI especially when it comes to blood. CG blood always looks like shit. But like you said, Neill Blomkamp knows how to use CGI right, and in his movies, it looks phenomenal. The effects in these trailers look pretty damn cool too. I'd definitely like to see the final short film.