Thursday, 12 September 2013

新 ゴジラ!

Back in January 2011 I was enthusiastic about Gareth Edwards being handed the reins of Legendary's upcoming Godzilla. Since then the casting has instilled more confidence, as has the decision to bring Frank Darabont on board as a screenwriter. Now if today's leaked design is indeed legit, I'm feeling more positive than ever.

Lookin' good G!


  1. I think this flick will fucking rawk!

  2. I think this flick will fucking rawk!

  3. This can't be any worse than Roland Emmerich's embarrassing shitfest. And I liked Monsters quite a bit so I think Gareth Edwards will do a good job with this. Plus, Frank Darabont helping on the script is a wise choice and they got a great cast lined up (Bryan Cranston). I hope Godzilla looks a little more menacing in the final film though.