Wednesday, 10 November 2010


I'm a life-long fan of The Blob (I love Chuck Russell's gory '88 remake), and Larry Hagman's Beware! The Blob occupies a special place in my heart as being the movie that utterly scared the shit out me as a little kid. For a year after seeing it I was petrified that the crack under my bedroom door would suddenly spew forth an unstoppable mass of sentient, flesh-absorbing protoplasm. Blob-monster movies are a rare occurrence, so when one finally creeps around it's a reason for fans of the sub-genre to celebrate.

I've been hungrily following the oozing progress of writer/director John Lechago's Bio-Slime for a couple of years now. It seems to have had a drawn-out post production process, which isn't surprising when you consider how FX heavy the film appears to be. Successive teasers have gradually revealed more of the impressive looking creature & gore FX, and this most recent trailer boasts some tantalisingly disturbing imagery.

Lechago's Bio-Slime (recently retitled as Contagion), seems to have expanded on the traditional blob formula by mixing in elements of Carpenter's The Thing, The Raft from Creepshow II, demonic horror and Gigeresque biomechanics. These varied influences, and some clever low-budget practical FX look to have resulted in something that is satisfyingly disgusting and unsettling to behold. It recently screened as part of the Chicago Horror Film Festival, where it unsurprisingly took home the award for best FX.

The finished film is currently seeking a distributor at the AFM, so hopefully we'll get word of a DVD release in the near future. For now, enjoy this gooey trailer...


  1. Man, now THAT looks like my kind of movie!

    Thanks for the heads up!


  2. Yeah man, this looks killer.

  3. Gooey, gnarly deliciousness!

  4. yeah, this does look killer. nice and oozy.

    i keep forgetting about how good the remake of The Blob is. It used to scare the shit out of me too, but i gotta tell ya, Robocop gave me nightmares for months after first seeing it. The Blob remake remains Kevin Dillon's best performance by far, haha.

    what do you think about The Stuff?
    that movie always reminded me of the Blob. Larry Cohen stuff is kinda hit or miss for me, although i REALLY like all the Maniac Cop movies, Q, and The Stuff. God Told Me To isn't to bad either.

  5. D- I haven't seen The Stuff for years, can't remember it too well to be honest, but given my love for blob and melt movies I should give it another watch. Q is a great one.

  6. Is The Stuff the one about frozen yogurt?

    This movie looks great. Thanks for the tip.

  7. its kinda same as i seen on hentai.either way its cool tho

  8. i like animes and i also watch hentai. and i love to play basketball also

    its kinda same as i seen on hentai.either way its cool tho