Saturday, 19 December 2015


Here's part 2 of a film-by-film exploration of some of the best art inspired by, promoting and celebrating the work of David Cronenberg. Last time we started off his filmography with Crimes of the Future, Shivers, Rabid and The Brood.

Now focus your thoughts and try not to lose your head, because this time we're concentrating on Scanners...

First off, a typically insightful alternative poster from Silver Ferox, featuring the striking work of scanner/artist Benjamin Pierce:

A graphic and lurid interpretation of Scanners' most iconic moment from Aaron Crawford:

Beautifully designed alt. poster for Fright Fest by Derek Gabryszak:

Sam Wolfe Connelly's luminous artwork for Mondo's vinyl soundtrack. The companion piece to last post's The Brood OST cover art. This is what you see right before your veins rupture, your eyes liquefy and your head explodes:

The pick of the bunch this time is Connor Willumsen's inspired work for Criterion's blu ray. The cover evokes the agonising madness of life as a scanner without the soothing blocking effects of Ephemerol:

ConSec scanner's gonna blow! I must remind you that the scanning experience is usually a painful one:

Kim Obrist. Her child. Her unborn child scanned me:

Cameron Vale defends himself:

...from Daryl Revok, psychic killer:

Dr. Paul Ruth. I will show you now that it can be a source of great power:

Murdered scanner Benjamin Pierce's artwork:

A vial of Ephemerol:

NEXT TIME: Videodrome!

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