Saturday, 26 December 2015


This was an unusually strong year for genre movies, filled with moments of thrilling originality, deep emotion and awe-inspiring visuals and ideas. It really was one for the books, comparable to one of those benchmark years from the early '80s that people from my generation look back on so reverently. 2015 gave us a deluge of fantastic indies and a surprising amount of top-notch blockbusters.

I narrowed this down to my top 20 (listed alphabetically) but suffice it to say that my top 5 in descending order are: Mad Max: Fury Road; The Duke of Burgundy; Bone Tomahawk; Sicario; and a tie for 5th between Ex Machina and The Nightmare. The Martian was very narrowly edged out of my top 5.

The list of movies that I haven't gotten around to that could have ended up here is just as long: Macbeth; Anguish; Love; Tales of Halloween; #Horror; Alleluia; Tangerine; Midnight Swim; The Hallow; Yakuza Apocalypse and many more.

I'm off to picturesque Kangaroo Island for a much needed break now. Cheers and all the best to my readers and I'll see you on the other side!

TOP 5:






  1. hey Aylmer, thank you for doing what you do. ive been reading this blog for years now and i find your recommendations to be top shelf. I originally found out about you through illogical contraption back in the day, and have been a regular since. question... when are we gonna see a unflinching eye podcast?? or maybe a hot spot on illcon or junk food dinner podcast? well hey dude keep up the good work. like mcdonalds. im lovin it!

    1. Hey dude, thanks for the kind words and I can't believe you're still coming back after all these years. It really means a lot ;)

      Things really have changed since the days when Cosmic Hearse and Ill Con were literally the two best sites on the net. Countercultural blogging was actually something really exciting then wasn't it?

      As far as doing a podcast, too little time. I struggle just to get this done what with work, life etc. I'd love to do a guest spot on the IC podcast but the fact that I'm on the other side of the planet makes that pretty much impossible. I'm glad those guys have had success with it anyway. I'd love to see the Ill Con blog come back, but after all this time it probably wouldn't be the same anyway.

      Anyway, I hope you're well and I hope the home brewing is good! My two favourite beers are from Cali: Sierra Nevada pale ale and Ballast Point IPA, good shit!

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