Sunday, 13 December 2015


For the edification of all non-local War Boys and Girls: witness the unstoppable momentum of George Miller's War Rig! Fanging it through the gates of Valhalla, all mediocre schlangers in its path are annihilated!

Miller's juggernaut of art and action utterly destroyed our Academy (AACTA) Awards this week, taking home best film, director, cinematography, editing, sound, score, production design and visual fx. Aside from the fact that I love the movie, this is great news because it speaks to the maturity of the Australian Film Institute. Last year the AACTAs were dominated by three fantastic genre movies (The Babadook, Predestination and The Rover), and it's to the AFI's credit that for the second year in a row they're willing to acknowledge the importance of the oft-maligned genres of sci-fi and horror. Bravo to them, and congrats to everyone who worked on Mad Max: Fury Road. What a lovely day!

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