Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Poster Ferox

Check out the striking poster above for Ruggero Deodato's upcoming sequel to House On The Edge Of The Park (locandine for the original at right). It was designed by none other than blog-buddy Jeremy, aka Silver Ferox.

The film is set to star Giovanni Lombardo Radice (who also co-wrote), although what this means for Deodato's other gestating sequel is anyone's guess. Given that the Holocaust sequel would require location shooting in the Philippines (and has been struggling to get off the ground for a while), logic dictates that we'll more than likely see this one materialise first.

Jeremy is a talented graphic artist who specialises in "re-imagining" poster designs for classic horror and exploitation movies. Recently he seems to be receiving increasingly more commissions for poster designs for indie film projects, and given his talent it's no surprise. I'd like to congratulate Jeremy on his poster above - a fantastic piece of art, and an obvious career coup.

Take a look at his blog
here. A few choice samples of his work below:


  1. Thanks buddy! You know I'm a big fan of your blog, so I'm especially thrilled to see a mention. I'm always interested too in seeing what choices people make when selecting examples of my work - it's the only feedback I tend to get. I'm still on the indie circuit, doing designs for next to nothing/nothing (not that I mind, I'm a fan at heart) but now I'm putting together a new blog just to showcase my commissions and offer a professional service so I can make a living in order to continue my work! All the best dude, and thanks again, J.

  2. A good poster is always worth repeating... A fine selection there Aylmer, I'm a huge fan of Jeremy's work, that House on the Edge of the Park poster is stunning. That 1st American Werewolf poster, extraordinary...

  3. great posters! so i guess the fate of cannibal holocasut part deux is up in the air. oh well. Deodato and Radice together know it should be awesome.

    i'm, glad yr back with us and that everything went good man. welcome back!

  4. Amazing design work. I like The Church and Dawn of the Dead posters the best, but the others are great too. Looking forward to House on the Edge of the Park 2. Not sure how the film will turn out, being a sequel so many years after the fact, but that poster is good start.

  5. Great Posters! Love the American Werewolf in London posters.

    Also thanks for following our site! We really appreciate it.

  6. Some very ruthless shit! Beautiful!

  7. Thanks for sharing these, Aylmer! I love that one for Deep Red! Fantastic stuff.