Thursday, 28 April 2011


An alert to my fellow Sydneysiders, that New York rapper R.A. "the Rugged Man" Thorburn is playing The Gaelic in Surry Hills on May 5th. Fans of Frank Henenlotter will recognise his name from Frank's latest opus Bad Biology which Thorburn produced and co-wrote with the master
(he also appears briefly).

I don't really know the man's music, but anyone who bankrolls the first Henenlotter film in a decade and a half is alright by me.

R.A. and Frank

Check out the track below that he wrote for Bad Biology. The lyrics are excellent, detailing the story of the making of the movie. Watch out for the line: "I wrote a script with the cult director Frank Henenlotter"!


  1. I'm super picky about hip-hop these days (thusly I listen to lots of grindcore, ha ha) but um, RA is and has always been one of THE ILLEST rappers out there. He's also an accomplished writer on the sport of boxing! I suggest you check out his flow - he's fuckin' scary, man. He's also down w/ the heaviest of East Coast OG rappers - he's no joke...

  2. Thanks for the tip man, I really like the song below so I'll definitely check out his other stuff.

  3. R.A. is one of the most original and sickest lyricists out there. He's been around for a long ass time too.

    He's offensive to some, but undeniably smart. He knows his shit when it comes to movies too.