Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Un Altro Giallo

Here's yet another upcoming European neo giallo that I forgot to include in the previous post! Masks is the second feature from German director Andreas Marschall, who previously helmed the reputedly quite gory occult horror flick Tears Of Kali. I'm attracted to directors who have a thematic concern that they revisit throughout their body of work, so it's interesting to note that both of Marschall's films so far revolve around violent cults. I always hope in such instances that we're seeing the emergence of a talented new auteur.

Masks is one of the new crop of retro-Italiana that's unashamedly flaunting it's influences - front and centre, and subtlety by damned. This looks very slick for a low budget effort, but if I have one criticism based on the trailer, it's that Marschall seems to be walking a very fine like between riffing off, and just plain ripping off, Suspiria (he also cites Sergio Martino's All The Colors Of The Dark as an influence). I'm fond of Lucky McKee's The Woods because I think he managed to craft a respectful homage to Suspiria, whilst injecting enough of his own ideas to give the film it's own life. With Masks, I'm not sure if Marschall is offering much more than Argento worship.

After watching the trailer, what say you? Am I being too harsh?


  1. Saw an advance screening of Attack The Block tonight. It was AWESOME.

  2. Dude! I am SO envious. ATTACK THE BLOCK is my #1 want-to-see flick right now. I haven't yet read one negative thing about it. I heard a bit of the soundtrack and it sounded awesome too, like classic Carpenter.

  3. The whole thing is pretty carpenter-esque. Like Big Trouble in UK Ghetto. Lots of violence, action, and humor. Plus the heroes of the film are kids. Got me feeling very nostalgic. Highly recommended.

  4. Attack the block - looking forward to that one.

    But Masks - that was sooooooo Argento! You are right mate!

  5. I see what you mean about him walking a very fine line between riffing off, and just plain ripping off Argento - but I really like the look of this! I'm not at all familiar with his work, but I shall be trying to track it down after watching that trailer and reading your post. Many thanks for sharing!! :o)