Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Perfect Organism

After my recent nostalgic post remembering the great H.R. Giger's work on Alien, Jason, friend of The EYE and author of the superlative
Cinezilla, thoughtfully sent me these two beautiful photos of Carlo Rambaldi's original animatronic head from the '79 masterpiece.

Jason took these shots last year, whilst on a biomechanical pilgrimage to Switzerland and Germany - to Gruyères, to visit the
Giger Bar and H.R. Giger Museum, and Frankfurt, to meet and interview the artist himself at an exhibition of his work. You can read J's own account of his unique experience with the Swiss master here.

These shots offer an unusually detailed look at some of the finer aspects of the monster's anatomy, so please click on them for a good look. This alien head still resides in Giger's personal collection, having been given to him by Rambaldi after production on Alien wrapped.

Thanks again J!


  1. awesome man! always wanted to go there.

    1. its kinda same as i seen on either way its cool tho

  2. Excellent photos!
    I just ordered this new Giger doc:

  3. I'll have to see that at some point. Thanks for the heads up...

  4. i like animes and i also watch hentai. and i love to play basketball also

    its kinda same as i seen onhentai.either way its cool tho

    its kinda same as i seen on either way its cool tho