Friday, 5 February 2010

Hooded Menace

In addition to the soundtracks that I'm linking to here, I've decided to start contributing to your screaming tinnitus with some other music that I listen to. In keeping with my obsession it will all relate in some way to the films I watch. All links will be to bandcamp or youtube. As with the soundtracks, if you hear something you like I encourage you to support the artists and labels.

First up, Fulfill The Curse, the crushing 2008 debut by Finnish death-doom metal band Hooded Menace. Just looking at the cover art on all their releases, it's plain to see that guitarist/vocalist Lasse Pyykko has an impressively single-minded obsession with Amando de Ossorio's Blind Dead movies. As well as the obvious influence of Ossorio's mouldering Knights Templar, Fulfill The Curse also pays tribute to another Spanish horror icon - the recently departed Paul Naschy - in the track The Love Song Of Gotho, Hunchback Of The Morgue (a reference to Javier Aguirre's '73 flick The Hunchback Of The Rue Morgue). The album switches to Italian horror for it's conclusion, with a slightly disappointing reworking of Fabio Frizzi's Theme From Manhattan Baby.

Fulfill The Curse follows a 7" titled The Eyeless Horde, both released on vinyl by Czech label Doomentia Records (who also have a split 7" with Asphyx in the works). Hooded Menace have a new album out later this year on Profound Lore Records called Never Cross The Dead. It's being touted as one of the heaviest albums of the year. Beware the Eyeless Horde!

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