Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Morphology? Longevity? Incept dates?

Just like a certain combat model Nexus-6 with a penchant for poetry and violence, Blade Runner 2 has got us all asking a lot of questions. However one thing's for sure, with cameras set to roll in about six weeks, and a release date of October next year, the Blade Runner sequel will soon be on everyone's lips. Understandably, people are reacting very dismissively and cynically to this project, but I'm allowing myself some cautious optimism.

Hear me out. Denis Villeneuve, whose Enemy and Sicario are both certifiable masterpieces, is the perfect choice for director. He's an intellectual, an artist, and a mind-blowing visual stylist. He brings with him his usual cinematographer Roger Deakins, whose work on Sicario is nothing short of stunning. Perhaps more importantly, Hampton Fancher is back as co-writer. It seems to be casting up nicely. So far, so good.

Decades late followups to beloved sci-fi movies are always a major gamble. Let's hope this one is more Mad Max: Fury Road and way less The Thing '11.

Here's a nice gallery of Blade Runner inspired art to get you in the mood.

Chris Shy:

Daniel Murray:

Carlos Bela:

Julia Heglund:

Dan Mumford:

Augie Pagan:

Tim Doyle:

Mark Raats:

Matt Ferguson:

Gilles Vranckx:

Patric Reynolds:

Luke Harrington:

Artists Unknown:

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