Saturday, 14 May 2016

Daria Nicolodi

I fell down an internet rabbit hole the other day and emerged hours later with these pics of Daria Nicolodi from '70s Vogue Italia (and I'm pretty sure the pic of her in a blonde wig is from an early TV role in a miniseries called I Nicotera). Why am I posting these? Because Daria is the business, that's why.

The Italian Hitchcock's one-time muse is one of the most eccentric and individual personalities in Italian horror. As well as a regular throughout Argento's golden years (and let's not forget that she co-wrote Suspiria), she also shows up in films by both Bavas, Luigi Cozzi (for whom she penned the screenplay for Paganini Horror) and Michele Soavi.

Do you need a reminder of just how cool Daria is? Then check out this excellent tribute to the veteran actress, appropriately set to Joy Division's "She's Lost Control". Here's to you Ms. Nicolodi!

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