Wednesday, 20 January 2016


The shadow of Lovecraft hangs ominously over this band who hail from the dead writer's hometown of Providence, RI.

Savage Blind God sound like Rudimentary Peni filtered through tough USHC (which is exactly what it is I guess). Musically it's closer to Death Church, while the lyrics are more Cacophony in their overt Lovecraft influence. But the whole is greater than the sum here, and this demo rises above the sea of anarcho/death rock wannabes to stand on its own. Bandcamp link through the cosmic portal of His tombstone.

Showered by the seeding trees,
producing shade of disbelief.
What grows under pillowed stone?
Mark of the eternal home.
Shade of night
fading day.
Waking life
shaded gray.
Worms ingest what will become
a dinner plagued by alchemy.
Hiding from the changing days,
saved from the eternal night.
Waking life's
fading days.

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