Thursday, 22 August 2013

Goblin 2013

Last month the mighty Goblin came to Sydney and played the Metro. Seeing them was one of those real bucket list moments for me, and the show not only survived my high expectations, but totally blew my mind. Walking home afterwards with a few beers in me, I felt like a grinning, giddy fanboy. I had just seen fucking Goblin live, and not at some big festival, but in a small venue!

The lineup on this tour consisted of original members Claudio Simonetti, Maurizio Guarini and Massimo Morante. Joining them on bass and drums were two younger guys who I didn't recognise, but looking at their Wiki page it appears they might have been Bruno Previtali (bass) and Titta Tani (drums).

This lineup just killed it. Simonetti and Guarini, both on keyboards, delivered all those throbbing, spooky, atmospheric sounds and melodies that are etched into every horror fans brain, Claudio in particular handling his rig with style and elegance to spare. Guitarist Massimo Morante, looking every inch the tripped-out proto prog rocker, was on point too, and it was amazing seeing him play the eerie opening of "Suspiria" on a mandolin. Adding further atmosphere to proceedings, the band was joined on stage by local Theremin wizard Miles Brown for the Phenomena theme.

After hitting the stage to thunderous applause, they set the mood with a full rendition of 1976's Roller, which was cool, but after that the black leather gloves were slipped on, the gleaming straight razor was picked up, and the band got down to serious horror business. 

What followed was a selection of choice cuts from Deep Red, Suspiria, Tenebrae, Phenomena, Sleepless and Dawn Of The Dead, and it was pretty fucking rad my fiends. I have to admit, I kind of lost my shit a little when they played the stuff from Dawn ("L'alba Dei Morti Viventi" and "Zombi" if I remember correctly, but I was pretty drunk by that stage. Did they play "Oblio" too or did I just dream that?)

Goblin are hitting North America later this year. Don't miss them!

Photos: Chris Evans


  1. The Simonetti Horror Project (Claudio, Bruno and Titta) played Belfast a couple of weeks back - I managed to get tickets and, like yourself, was a grinning, giddy fanboy throughout. They provided a live soundtrack to a screening of Suspiria. Man was that building shook to its foundations! An utterly fantastic night - and one I shall treasure forever.

  2. I've been wondering how they do it: is the film's soundtrack completely muted, or is it altered to omit the score? I think Goblin did the same recently in New Zealand, just before hitting our shores.

  3. I'm not entirely sure. I think someone basically turned down the sound on the film when the music started - at times the dialogue was drowned out, but hey, the dialogue isn't exactly one of Suspiria's most memorable aspects. A tiny price to pay to see Simonetti perform live. ;)

  4. PS You got some great photos of the night!

  5. Thanks James, but I can't take credit. They were shot by Chris Evans.