Sunday, 1 August 2010

Fast Forward To The Gore

It's been a bit quiet around here lately...

... but now you'd best hide your stash and lock up your daughters - cuz

Rockin' Greg Ginn worship done just right (see also BL'AST! & It's Casual) from Oakland's recently defunct Annihilation Time. They never released a dud, but 2003's Bad Reputation EP was their finest hour, with guitarist Graham Clise never getting his Black Flag shred on better than he did on "Rock 'n' Roll California" and this EP version of "Fast Forward to the Gore". The icing on the cake is an awesome Thin Lizzy cover and monstrous artwork by none other than the mighty Jeff Gaither.

As well as an unholy love of partying, these boys can obviously appreciate the simple pleasures of sitting around at home with some bros - beer in one hand, bong in the other - and taking in a freaky horror movie. So take their advice: click on the link below, grab yourself a cold beer and go watch Srpski Film you pussy.


  1. Yes I concur and "Bad Reputation" is an excellent cover but how do they explain THIS?

  2. I celebrate this bands entire catalog. I always wanted to see them live but never got the chance.

  3. Cobras: I'd never seen that cover. An homage I guess?

  4. It always amused me that they chose to cover the first half of Bad Reputation but never learned the second half...

  5. I ordered a t-shirt from their site and it finally arrived 6 weeks later with a scrawled note "blame it on the weed". That's probably why they didn't learn the whole song.