Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Forbidden Galaxy

I'm as happy as a pig in shit right now, because I just pre-ordered the new US DVDs of the supremely awesome New World ALIEN rip-offs Galaxy Of Terror and Forbidden World. Over the years I've bought almost every DVD release of Galaxy (my favourite of the two) that I could get my hands on. Until now the only one I've been really happy with is the Italian DVD - as Il Pianeta Del Terrore - which has really nice picture quality, but forced Italian subs if I remember correctly.

Forget all that though. These new releases (from Shout! Factory) are what fans of these flicks have been patiently waiting for for years. Assuming that the picture and sound quality are good, they'll blow every previous DVD of Galaxy and Mutant away. For one thing, they're both packed with extras. Another bonus is that they've used the original poster art, exactly as above, which RULES (I hate crappy photoshop montages). Incidentally, click on the above posters for beautiful, big hi-res scans (thanks to Wrong Side of the Art, an excellent poster site).

So, as you can probably tell, I honestly haven't been this excited about a DVD release in ages. It's been a long wait for these great movies to get the treatment they deserve. Science Fiction Horror in Deep Space!


  1. Just a note, the posters didn't load to Blogger as big as on the original site. Please go to http://www.wrongsideoftheart.com/ to check em out in all their lurid glory!

  2. I am seeing these as soon as they are released, thanks for the heads up, Ive been dying to check them out!

  3. Soooo recommended. The reigning kings of A L I E N rip-offs.

  4. I saw a pretty decent Alien rip-off the other day called Contamination. Its a cheap-o Italian rip off, but it was actually kind of interesting! And entertaining, I recommend you give it a watch, but anyways, heres my review for it in case you are interested:


  5. Contamination (or "Astaron" as I've always known it) is another great one. At 12 y.o. the hardcore german trailer was my introduction to gore.