Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Bad Biology

Here's a poster by Marc "Swellzombie" Palm for a Henenlotter in-store at Scarecrow Video in Seattle. As a Henenlotter fan, it's pretty irresistibly cool.

I'd like to see Marc have a crack at the anatomy of the Aylmer from Brain Damage. Easy, you say? It's just a fecal shaped little blue worm with big teeth? Consider for a minute the creature's intravenous delivery system for the hallucinogenic and addictive drug with which it ensures it's host's dependence. Quite a complex and efficient organ right there. On top of that it has highly evolved vocal cords, and a presumably complicated alimentary canal, capable of digesting the massive amounts of brain matter that it ingests.

And a big brain in that tiny, ancient head of his. For he is intelligent... cunning... charming...

"This is the start of your new life Brian,
a life full of colours, music, light and euphoria.
A life without pain, or hurt or suffering."


  1. Hell Yeah that is a cool poster... if it where a book I'd buy it in the blink of an eye.

  2. Im a huge Henenlotter fan, I actually enjoyed Bad Biology, even though it wasnt his best film. But I love the Basket Case films, and my favorite one is Brain Damage.

    I hope he continues making super cheap-o entertaining flicks like these. Swell poster in deed by the way!

  3. That poster is great. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Zilla: there needs to be a good Henenlotter book stat.

    Francisco: I liked Bad Biology a lot. The cock monster lacks the character of Belial and Aylmer, but the overall feel and tone of the film is awesome.

    Always a pleasure Anthony.