Saturday, 21 October 2017

Umberto Lenzi

Addio to one of the great Italian genre auteurs - Umberto Lenzi. 

From the sublime (his gialli), to some of the most indefensible trash the Italian film industry ever produced (CANNIBAL FEROX), he tried his hand at just about every genre you can think of, and left his mark on all of them.

During the course of his prolific career, Lenzi lent his talents to sword & sandal epics, westerns, war movies, violent crime, espionage, sex comedies, thrillers and zombies. Along the way he managed to kick off the cannibal cycle with MAN FROM DEEP RIVER, and make one of the most hilariously goofy of the Italian DAWN OF THE DEAD knock-offs in NIGHTMARE CITY.

Like his peer Lucio Fulci, Lenzi epitomised the artistic elasticity that was so essential in keeping the Italian genre industry vital and vibrant throughout its golden years.

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