Wednesday, 29 June 2016


In the same vein as my last couple of music posts, here's some more nice music for rat people. We can rightfully level criticisms of stupidity at the Angry Samoans ("Homo-Sexual"), but who can deny the infectious catchiness of the good songs off that same album ("Gas Chamber", "Lights Out", "Steak Knife"). Dumb or not, those tracks are some of the most memorable of hardcore's first wave.

For my money, the band's greatest moment came four years after Back from Samoa, in the form of the garage-punk mellowness of the Yesterday Started Tomorrow 12''. It's hard to reconcile the wistful sweetness of tracks like "Unhinged" and "It's Raining Today" with the assholes who wrote homosexual up the ass!, homosexual Darby Crash. Had they grown up a little by 1986? Were they still fuckwits when they wrote these beautiful songs? Regardless of prejudices (theirs or ours), these songs are still lovely.

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