Saturday, 2 April 2016


What's red all over, and has coal miners, strippers, a subterranean contaminant and baseball bats? Sevé Schelenz's second feature, Peelers, that's what!

Schelenz's previous effort, 2011's Skew, is a superior shoestring haunter that introduced some fresh ideas to a well-trodden subgenre. The film features a couple of exceptionally creepy shocks that have really stuck with me over the years, those two moments alone making it well worth the price of admission.

With his new film, Schelenz seems to be taking a completely different approach to the straight-faced, restrained chills of Skew. Peelers looks like a soaking wet splatterfest, played for laughs and with little regard for good taste. It makes its bow this week at the Palm Beach International Film Festival, Florida. Take a look at the teaser below.

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