Tuesday, 12 April 2016


According to local distributor Rialto, Jeremy Saulnier's Green Room opens here on the 28th (and this week stateside, you lucky bastards). Oddly, there's no listing for it yet on the Classification Board's website (our equivalent of the MPAA and BBFC), not even for a trailer. It's also conspicuously absent from the upcoming release schedule of the theatre chain that's meant to be carrying it (Event Cinemas). This leads me to wonder if it might have run into trouble with our censors, but as it hasn't anywhere else in the world (that I know of) I'm sure there's no reason for concern.

While we count down the final days to Green Room's release, here's some goodies to tide you over. And don't let my snarky comments fool you, this is probably my most anticipated movie of 2016!

I've found Green Room's poster campaign to be less than compelling, a disappointment after Blue Ruin's beautiful one sheets by Akiko Stehrenberger and Erik Buckham. That said, it does make me smile to see Pavel Chekov in a Minor Threat t-shirt.

For my money, this Thai poster is the best of the bunch. It doesn't fuck around. It is an odd choice to put a pentagram on that door though. If it was a swastika it would have been perfect:

These comic art style posters are weird. Why the ESRB (video game) ratings? Rated Gruesome for thrash metal and Patrick Stewart is a nice touch though:

Hey, US teaser poster, 1999 called and wants its shitty looking extruded text back! A shame, because this is otherwise a great design:

I don't mind the US one sheet. Patrick Stewart looks mean, and the quote is ominous and chilling:

Hey, French poster, 1977 called and Jamie Reid wants his typography back!

Here's a cool mock flyer for the Ain't Right's fateful show. I think this was done for the Leeds International Film Fest:

Here's a couple of moody, Carpenter-esque cues from Brooke and Will Blair's score. These two brothers have scored all of Saulnier's films to date. A bit of trivia: Macon Blair - who played Dwight in Blue Ruin and also appears in Murder Party and Green Room - is the third Blair brother in the Saulnier production team. These tracks are excellent, and you can listen to a few more here.

Here's a track from the Ain't Rights, the fictional band at the heart of the film's story. The riffs are passable, even if the lyrics are as dumb as a bag of hammers.

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