Thursday, 5 November 2015

ZOMBI - Diffraction Zone

Here, have a tasty video for new Zombi track "Diffraction Zone", taken from their recently released Shape Shift LP. The vid was put together by uncle TNÜC and seems to have been custom made for me, as it features two of my favourite things: blob monsters and melt-movies. Enjoy some of the messier and randier moments from Creepshow 2 (The Raft), The Stuff, The Blob '88, Trick or Treat and Slumber Party Massacre II


  1. Awesome vid!!great track!!
    I have been loving your frequent posts the past couple of months,great flicks and rad music.Keep up the great work!!!
    How about showing some love for Umberto?

  2. Thanks Alex! And right back atcha', I've been digging your mix of old and new recently, especially the psych stuff. Umberto? My first thought was Lenzi, but you probably mean this band right?

    I haven't heard them before so cheers for the recommendation!!

    1. Yep the band,some electro-giallo Goblin worshiping going on there...