Wednesday, 30 September 2015

A SERBIAN FILM soundtrack

Love it or loath it, you can't deny the impact of Srdjan Spasojevic's notorious atrocity exhibition. One of A Serbian Film's stronger elements is Wikluh Sky's menacing score, the perfect complement for the film's slick display of onscreen depravity. As far as I know it's never had an official release of any kind, and I'd long ago given up on trying to find it. Then out of the blue the other day, I stumbled on this youtube stream of the full OST.

The surefire hit is obviously "Balkan Sex God". With a sinister and monotonous dubstep plod, it plays like the soundtrack to every skeezy strip club and fluoro-lit nightclub toilet in Eastern Europe. It's the banality of evil set to music. A good track to be sure, but the real winner for me is "Decollection", a haunting pizzicato rendition of the film's theme, accompanied by malevolent synth and the tormented howls of poor Milos' damned soul.

0:00 - The End
3:18 - Tone Deaf
8:23 - Decollection
11:18 - Rigor Mortis
14:25 - Radio Rave
20:28 - Serbia
24:40 - Unsee It
26:56 - Le Club Filth
31:22 - W.F.S.
38:30 - Balkan Sex God

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