Saturday, 15 August 2015


Gotta love this painting by San Francisco based metal artist Andrei Bouzikov (who was the subject of one of my earliest posts here). The sentiment expressed here is a common one felt throughout the western world, but at this point, after years of hipster bashing on the internet, is it just petty and mean-spirited to keep mocking these pathetic twits? Nah, fuck 'em, they deserve it!

Due to a couple of rage-inducing experiences, this tribe of obnoxious wankers are the sole reason I don't go to revival screenings anymore. After gritting my teeth through screenings of Tenebre and Dawn of the Dead during which these clowns guffawed loudly throughout the entire movies, I vowed never to put myself through that pain again. For any of my younger readers who've had a similar experience and assumed that's just how repertory screenings are, I'm sorry to say that's just not the case. You used to be able to go see old films secure in the knowledge that you'd be watching it with other like-minded, respectful moviegoers who were there to, you know, watch the fucking movie and judge it on its own merits*. Since these twirly moustached, dead eyed, ecstasy-addled brats hit the scene it's all about ridiculing anything that doesn't fit in with their jaded sense of cultural superiority.

Again: fuck 'em. Moving from the inner city four years ago was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

*I hate going into "angry old man" mode, but desperate times call for desperate measures!