Saturday, 31 January 2015

LUDICRA - The Tenant

I've been revisiting Ludicra's 2010 album The Tenant recently, and it's so good that it makes me lament the fact that they broke up so soon after it came out. I love the direction they took on this one, leaving behind the more traditional black metal of their previous albums for a slower-paced, more melodic style. It still gets pretty fast and heavy at times, but I think The Tenant really shines when it slows and lays down the groovy, hypnotic riffs. Check out "In Stable" for some moments of truly "stand up and pump your fist" riffage. Laurie and Christy's dual vocals are amazing too, alternating between throat-tearing harshness and beautiful, wistful harmonising (this contrast is particularly effective during album opener "Stagnant Pond"). Underpinning the whole thing is Aesop Dekker's solid drumming which is, as usual, completely on point.

If black metal isn't really your thing, you shouldn't be put off by the label. I've turned a few people onto this one who aren't that into metal at all. "Accessible" may not usually be considered a compliment when describing a metal album, but in this case The Tenant's broad appeal is simply due to the fact that it's really fucking good.

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