Thursday, 5 July 2012

Eye Candy

Austin, Texas' Fantastic Fest is one of a number of North American and European film festivals that I've long considered to be the hallowed epicentres of genre fandom. I don't know if I'll ever make it to a Sitges, FrightFest, Fantasia, Midnight Madness, Toronto After Dark or Fantastic Fest, but I do know that as I read the programs for these legendary events each year I'll be filled with envy (and the usual longing for a bank account with more than three figures in it).

It's not all painful blue balls and a drool covered keyboard though, because every year Fantastic Fest does give me one thing that I can really appreciate... a nifty poster. Be it Kaiju, Cthulhu or tentacled alien demons, each year's poster is guaranteed to make me peer closely at my laptop screen and murmur "rad" under my breath.

I love the continuing motif of the cyclopean eye, but that in every other way each design is completely distinct from the others, both in illustrative style and palette. My favourite up to this point was the '09 poster featuring a very fucked up looking psychedelic demon... but I think this year's Mayan apocalypse design is the coolest yet.

Here's every FF poster going back to 2006, just in case you missed any. I couldn't find one for '05, the fest's inaugural year. Apologies to the artists for the lack of credits, it's late and I can't be bothered doing the research.


  1. Hope that you and yours are well... Haven't Heard from you in a while.... So Many New Followers at the "Crypt"... and i was just presented a "Liebster" award....
    My Blog will turn a year old on August 8th...
    All of this is Much more than I ever expected from my "little Horror blog"....

  2. I love these. The cyclopean eye is cool.

  3. Absolutely beautiful posters, wish I could get these full size.

    Wait... THREE figures in your bank account? I shoulda been a horror blogger!

  4. Hope things are going well with your "health situations" Mine "could be better" but we are "hanging in there"... ( & not by a "Noose", yet)....
    you no longer "follow' us at the "Crypt"... have I offended you in some way ....if so, I am deeply sorry... We wish you and yours the best in All things ....."Stacey" / the Doctor

  5. Wow, these poster are awesome, I'm a huge fan of art!