Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Not Human

A mere three months (almost to the day) before The Thing 2011 hits theatres, and Universal has finally seen fit to release the film's first promotional material. I like the logo's simplicity, and that it's so similar to the '82 poster logo. It's also interesting to note that they've opted for a painted image, obviously reminiscent of Drew Struzan's iconic artwork for Carpenter's film (right). The image also recalls the transformation and demise of poor Bennings (below).

That's right,
I'm still actually holding out hope for this...


  1. I'm very apprehensive about this one. I just watch the'82, The Thing in my backyard projected on a sheet hanging on the side of my shed. Just a coincidence too, I forgot about this remake, of the remake.

    As good as that movie was I still have a hard time believing Wilford Brimley could dig out all that ice and build a space ship, even if he was under control of an alien force.

  2. I'm pretty skeptical about this too, but this looks pretty nice.

    Also, I believe it was the alien disguised as Wilford Brimley, who was quite dead by then...

  3. Yeah, the advance poster looks moody alrite but I could have done without the "From the producers of Dawn of the Dead" bit...

    I'm with Will on this one - it does bother me that the alien could build a spacecraft from the innards of snow ploughs and such like, but you go with it...

    I'll tell ya, last time I watched Alien, I was trying to come up with an explanation for the chest-burster growing into a 7ft tall creature in a matter of hours. Now that's ridicoulus !

  4. John Carpenter's is one of my all time favorites. I'll give this one a chance because I'm terrified of the very concept, but they have a high bar to reach. :-I They better not scrimp on the gross though. That was part of the horror for me. The absorbing. yeeesh.

  5. i gotta say...i'm still looking forward to it. that poster looks awesome...you know how i feel about the '82 Thing....and as this ones not as much a remake as a prequel it could be great.

  6. Will, Abdul, Wes: Brimley was assimilated at this point, so presumably "he" could have changed into whatever shape he needed to in order to get the physical work done. I also assumed that the craft wasn't a spaceship, but a low-tech vehicle designed to get the creature out of antarctica and into a more temperate, highly populated area. It's been a while since I've watched it, but I think there might even be a line of dialogue that suggests that.

    Will, I like your style, backyard drive-in!

    Wes, I could have done without that too. But the way things are going it's surprising that it doesn't have FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER plastered all over it!

    Jesse - dude, I don't suppose that you're related to a certain John W. Campbell?

    Doug, we'll know soon enough my friend!

  7. I just caught the trailer over on youtube and it looks more like the 1st Alien Vs Predator than John Carpenter...

  8. Hope it is decent, but it never beat the Carpenter version.