Wednesday, 15 September 2010


A while ago I raved excitedly about the awesome poster at right that features a great illustration of Belial Bradley, brother of Duane, and star of the New York sleaze classic Basket Case. The poster - for an in store appearance by Frank Henenlotter at a cool looking video store in Seattle - was drawn by one Marc Palm. At the time I mused about how I'd like to see Marc tackle Henenlotter's other famous parasitic character, the Aylmer, from the deliriously wonderful Brain Damage.

Shortly after that I thought, fuck it, I'll write to Marc and see if he's up to the challenge. Much to my surprise he responded with the gleeful enthusiasm of a true monster freak, and so it came to pass that I commissioned a work of art from someone I'd never met, living on another continent. After supplying the artist with a decent amount of reference material from Brain Damage, and asking that he take his time with it and have fun... I waited.

This week my patience paid off, with the arrival in my inbox of the charmingly debonair brain-eater himself. It's a fetching portrait of the deadly little parasite, and the attention given to the details of his anatomy is excellent, especially his drug glands and retractable injecting proboscis. Marc showed it to Henenlotter too, who loved it, and you can't really get any higher praise than that. Behold, the Aylmer...

Monstrous thanks to Marc and Frank


  1. Ha, ha, amusing in deed! Im a huge Henelotter fan, I've reviewed most of his films..except for Frankenhooker, but I love the freakish offbeat weirdness of his films.

  2. There's really none other like him is there?

  3. Really great post Aylmer, and a wonderful portrait by Marc. Fantastic stuff !

  4. hahahahahahahahaha Aylmer is the funniest little dude! Great poster too

  5. That's brilliant! Henenlotter's films deserve a lot more attention than they've received. Re-watched Basket Case only recently, there really is nothing quite like it.

  6. One of my favorite film characters in years... (voiced by Horror-Host Zacherly)And a fun movie to watch...
    Hope you are well (sorry to hear of your illness, my health is 'good at present... I am down to less than one lung of living tissue and my heart would not make it through the needed surgery to remove the fluid filled "bullios" water-Balloon like mass at the upper portion of my dead Lung) So just making do day by day.... My best wishes to you )
    I just discovered your blog and am going through it page by page...
    Take Care ... Dr. Theda