Friday, 6 January 2017

Heather Benjamin

Heather Benjamin's art is a defiantly in-your-face detonation of punk feminism and bad-trip psychedelia. The raw naivete of much of her drawing (particularly the most recent stuff she's posted on her tumblr) belies an obviously classical ability, no doubt developed during her time at the Rhode Island School of Design. With her stark black and white line style, and preoccupation with graphic sexual imagery, menstruation and self-mutilation, it's tempting to compare Benjamin to previous shock artist Mike Diana, but personally I think there's more depth to her work. Where Diana (and others before him, like S. Clay Wilson) may have been chiefly motivated to simply push the boundaries of transgressive art, Benjamin's work feels like it's coming from a more personal place, and it's all the more rewarding for it.

Perhaps known mostly for her self published zines and comics, she also does flyers for shows (in the NYC, NJ, RI area), record covers and more. Visit Heather Benjamin's tumblr here, where you'll also find a link to her webstore. In the meantime check out a selection of my faves below.

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