Sunday, 2 October 2016

ISS - Studs

At attention spud! ISS are back with a new 6 track cassette. More catchy, sarcastic anti-punk from this pair of weirdos from Raleigh, North Carolina. "Part-Time All The Time" has an infectious pop hook to it that demands to be played on repeat, while "Peniss Envy" speeds up and gets its hardcore groove on while taking the pISS out of your CRASS worship (love that sonar/beacon sound). Oh, and for those of you playing catch up, all of these songs are comprised entirely of samples, stitched together from all your Favourite Punk Classics™. The irony is that this Frankenstein's mix of all the old punk that everyone's emulating these days is just about the most original thing around at the moment. Funny artwork too, the SST font is a nice touch. The world needs more punk that makes fun of punks while defacing Henry's beautiful physique. Run of fifty cassettes, all gone now, but you can nab a nice rip from HUGE BUMMER (which, by the way, is a great blog). At ease.

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