Tuesday, 6 October 2015

TURBO KID - No Tomorrow

Summer is making an early appearance here this week (thanks Exxon!), so let's celebrate with a dose of ultra saccharine and posi synthwave, courtesy of Canada's Le Matos. "No Tomorrow" perfectly captures the earnest sweetness and fun of Turbo Kid, a movie that I highly recommend for anyone who needs some cheering up. Laurence Leboeuf (that's her in the artwork above) is so damned cute and endearing in her performance as Apple, your heart will surely melt. Oh, and Michael fucking Ironside. And constant explosions of very wet practical gore. And rad BMX action.

The version with vocals by PAWWS doesn't really do it for me, the instrumental from Turbo Kid is the only way to go. 7'' available from Death Waltz/Mondo. Bandcamp below.

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