Friday, 1 August 2014

Dick Smith

Makeup fx legend Dick Smith has died.

He gave us one of our most terrifying and enduring monsters in Regan/Pazuzu, as well as his groundbreaking and shocking work in dozens of other movies including Scanners, Taxi Driver and Altered States.

Even though he lived to a very respectable 92 years, I'm still saddened by this news. A horror legend is gone.


  1. As amazing as the demon FX were in the Exorcist, I'm still most amazed by his old age make-up on Max Von Sydow. I swear to God, I never knew Max Von Sydow wasn't an old man until a decade and a half after I first saw the movie. Respect - and rest in peace, Mr. Miller.

  2. Agreed, his old age makeup was amazing. Just look at the aging makeup in recent movies like Prometheus and Cloud Atlas which is nowhere near as good as what he was doing 40 years ago. He was a real innovator and a master of his craft.