Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sydney Film Festival 2012

The SFF has kicked off for another year, and this time around I'll be posting a few quick capsule reviews of some of the films I see.

Unfortunately the fest got off to a lousy start for me when the screening of Maury and Bustillo's Livide turned out to be a complete fiasco. A word to the French distributors who provided the print: next time you send a film to a festival in a non-French speaking country, you might want to consider sending a print WITH FUCKING SUBTITLES. It was a theatre-full of righteously pissed off patrons who exited the screening five minutes into the film... but none more so than me. I've been dying to see this film for two years now, so needless to say I was LIVID with rage. Sorry.

Back tomorrow with reviews of Despite The Gods and Rampart!


  1. What a shame... haven't heard ANYTHING positive about LIVIDE. Been highly anticipating it myself. Still plan on seeing it, but I'll keep my expectations low. Looking forward to your SFF coverage!

  2. Hi Aaron, can't comment on Livide because we were only shown about five minutes of it, but what I saw looked absolutely gorgeous!

    And fear not, I've heard a lot of positive things about it from various sources whose opinions I respect. Check this glowing review at Cinezilla:

  3. I can't believe that dude! I've been dying to see that too. I would've thrown a moltov cocktail in there.